Day of Coordinator VS. Bridesmaids (Why a DOC is so important)

You have picked your dress, planned your day and now your big day is approaching!! The question now is who is going to help you execute your big day? Oftentimes, a bridesmaid will step in and offer to be your day of coordinator to assist with wedding day management. Managing any aspect of a wedding is hard work -- overseeing all of it is a job in itself! Your bridesmaids are there to stand by you and celebrate one of the most special moments in your life. Do you really want your Bridesmaid rushing around right before the ceremony, overwhelmed,perspiring, coordinating vendors, setup, coordinating photographers, your first look, and making sure the florist and the cake have arrived, checking in with timing for the venue, etc? This can not only cause some confusion and disorder, but it can also put a strain on the relationship it will blurr the lines of bridesmaid vs worker. You expect your day to flow a certain way. The wedding day you have envisioned to be carried out and if your bridesmaid is carrying many roles it can compromise your day, and your future relationship with each other. We highly recommend leaving the wedding day management to a professional simply because your bridesmaid is part of your Bride Tribe and deserves to be fully present for the celebration!

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